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Instructions page 98

Unless specially warned, a beginner usually uses to much color ; and if the subject be painted realistically, it will be apt to be crude and harsh.

This fault is not so perceptible if one color is employed, for these amateurish defects are then less in evidence.
But monochromes must not be regarded by the beginner with contempt, as indicating or betraying ignorance and inexperience.

It is the amount of skill rather than the amount of color bestowed on the work that emphasizes proficiency.

The expert can infuse individuality and originality, in addition to every degree of light and shade, and other values, with one color as well as with a dozen.

Moreover, monochromes are always desirable for both utility and ornament, they are restful and pleasing.

The Oriental nations understood this art of using one color to perfection; and, later, Europe recognized its value, and began to imitate them. The old Holland Delft-ware was a direct result of this, and today blue and white decorations are just as popular as they were centuries ago.

The recent revival of delft designs in the blue and white decorations affords abundant illustrations and innumerable hints and suggestions of what to do, and how to do it.

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antique poppies



due to lack of confidence as to capacity and ultimate success than to lack of funds ; and it is useless to purchase a full complement of colors, brushes, etc, unless there is a very definite determination to continue. therefore, if doubts are entertained as to the ultimate success of the venture, it may be made at a very small outlay for materials.

ONE COLOR will afford some slight insight into the manipulation of color and brushes ; and if the attempt prove an utter failure, or offers no inducement to continue, it would certainly be a satisfaction to know the experience was not a costly one.

If the experiment of one color is successful, and the beginner is sufficiently encouraged to continue, there need no longer be any hesitancy in regard to procuring anything and everything required.

After finishing one article, there is no mistaking the inclination to continue or to stop.
But aside from the economical point of view, first efforts should be defined too one color, on principle. There will probably arise, at this stage of the art, numerous difficulties to be overcome with even one color, without being handicapped by that of handling several colors.

Monochromes are much easier of accomplishment than polychromes, and trifling incongruities of both color and correctness as to light and shade are not nearly so pronounced as if the same design was in the natural colors.

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A monochrome, or Camaieu, is a painting done with one color.

Some very beautiful effects may be produced in this manner, provided the subject is attractive, the technique all that is desirable, the chiaroscuro correct ; in fact, if treated both skilfully and intelligently.

While the beginner cannot hope to compass all the qualifications of the expert, his first efforts will probably be more acceptable, and give greater satisfaction, if bit one color is employed.

There are several reasons for this. One that perhaps appeals to a large majority is the slight cost of the experiment.

The expense of procuring a complete outfit has undoubtedly very often proved a deterrent factor against mineral painting.

The hesitation to incur the expense is more frequently


Place the bottle in a tin box, to prevent it from falling over.

When using it wrap a little raw cotton around a pointed stick, moisten with water, and dip in the acid, and then rub the china tell the color is removed.

Hydrofluoric acid should only be resorted to, to remove a small inaccuracy or disfigurement after firing, and is not intended to be used to take of an entire decoration.

Sometimes a small pointed stick, like a tooth-pick, will serve the purpose without the cotton, Ample precaution for accidents should be taken, before using, to have plenty of water and rags with reach.

Sweet oil is an antidote. The acid is usually diluted with water before using, at the fumes arising from the pure acid are not only exceedingly unpleasant to inhale, but likely to attack the glaze of china near where it is applied.

Unless a person is exceedingly careful, and able to guard against every possible accident, it should be let severely alone. It is mentioned here as the only thing to remove color when once fired.

An abundance of old, soft rages, as devoid of lint as possible, will be found a great convenience, if not an absolutely essential requisite ; and last, but not least, among the needfuls, may be mentioned plenty of courage and perseverance, determination, and unlimited patience. Though not purchasable commodities, these are quite as necessary to the equipment for painting china as anything mentioned.

Boxes are made especially to contain this outfit. They are of japanned tin or polished wood, and are divided into compartments. The following is one of many styles and sizes, is very compact , and is recommended..not shown.